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Freelance cartoonist Royston Robertson

Presenting a talk at the Summer Squall arts festival, Ramsgate

Born in Catterick, North Yorkshire, in 1968, Royston Robertson has been drawing cartoons for about as long as he can remember. At the age of seven, he wrote to the TV show Jim'll Fix It to ask if he could edit The Beano for a day. Jim never fixed it.

Between school and university, instead of going to work on a kibbutz, Royston ran the comic DoodleBug with a group of friends. Part fanzine, part Viz, it built up a strong following in the North East.

Royston started submitting regularly to magazines in 1997. He has since been published in Private Eye, Reader's Digest, The Spectator, Prospect, New Statesman, The Oldie and many other publications throughout the world. He has also drawn cartoons for Oxford University Press, Children's BBC and Scholastic Children's Books.

He has exhibited cartoons at the Chris Beetles Gallery in London and at the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival. He has also been a regular participant in the latter and at The Big Draw.

Royston was part of a team of cartoonists that took on the house team on the BBC TV quiz show Eggheads and stormed to victory. One of the Eggheads described it as "the most comprehensive defeat we've ever had".

Freelance cartoonist Royston Robertson

Royston, second left, on the BBC TV quiz show Eggheads

Royston is based in Broadstairs, Kent.

Jimmy Savile has still not replied to his letter. [Update: Not likely to happen now]